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Vicky Chavez

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An officer marks the name of a fallen peace officer, at the National Law Enforcement Memorial, Wash. D.C. Farmington Police C.S.O. Vicky Chavez's name is inscribed on this wall, along with the names of over 14,000 other peace officers killed in the line of duty since 1794. Judge Onuska ruled that she was not a peace officer, and therefore her death was not a capital crime.
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Vicky Chavez"

The Committee for Judicial Integrity

A nonpartisan, educational political action committee, reg. in N. Mex.

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Onuska Defeated!
Paul Onuska wasn't the only loser in this campaign.
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This is the place to get accurate info on Paul Onuska's service as a district judge in San Juan and McKinley Counties, N.M., and the reasons why the voters need to send him packing on Election Day, Nov. 5.

Below, you will find summaries of detailed reports, which show why Onuska must go. Just click on the highlighted parts to get the full, sordid story.

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